2021 Ramadan Morning City Strolls

2021 Ramadan Morning City Strolls

There’s something about humble morning city strolls during Ramadan, that brought me back again and again.

I’ve tried riding on the afternoon, out of my parents’ concern that, with abstinence from food and (especially) drink, morning ride would put me to risk of dehydration. Yet afternoon traffic was a convoluted mess of reckless motorists and pollution-congested air that turned the ride into something more like a fight for survival—the opposite of the kind of experience I was seeking. Heading to nearby hills was an option, but the ride home afterward was the same peace-draining experience.

Night ride was better—post-iftar time meant the traffic was tamer, on-ride hydration was possible, and the air was cooler, too. The darkness of the night, however, left me wanting somehow.

Thus, I came back to morning city strolls this Ramadan—especially on weekends. With most people still lying on the bed after suhoor, I had the city streets almost for myself. The sunrise gradually illuminated the city, the road, the trees, revealing their subtle, fleeting beauty—two hours of relaxed cruising through the fresh air was a joy and a meditation.

There’s no denying that mountain pass rides would still be my favorite. Ramadan, however, has forced me to put them on hold. It was a good thing; because, only then, I could learn to appreciate the beauty of humble morning city strolls—the beauty that might be gone again once Ramadan is over.


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